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About Tamera Mulanix

Artist Tamera Mulanix I grew up in Grand Blanc Michigan, the youngest of three girls. Our personalities span the spectrum and I ended up as the tomboy. I was raised with an entrepreneurial mindset by a stay at home Mom with a bent for the unusual and a very dynamic father in the vending business.

I was a competitive swimmer until I was 15. The butterfly was my passion and I trained with an uncommon zeal. When I began to realize the limitations of my petite stature in a sport dominated by the more lofty I turned those energies toward music. I dove into choir, classical guitar and theater and was awarded a scholarship for music from Michigan State University.

My first real job was as a department store display designer. I enjoyed the creative nature of the work and discovered that I had a good eye for placement and color. I nearly became an interior designer, but instead pursued an income closer to the family business.

Tamera and one of her piecesThe next ten years were a blend of joy, hard knocks and some failed relationships. I grew into womanhood, stronger for the challenges I had faced, and am now just a little less naïve than I was in my youth.

When I was 34, I escaped the ever-present cloud of the frigid rustbelt. Pittsboro has felt like home since the day I arrived. Living in this community has rekindled my artistic passions.

I come from a family of welders. My grandfather, my uncle and my cousins are all welders and the process has fascinated me as long as I can remember.

I studied welding and blacksmithing with John Amaro at CCCC for about a year, and continue learning on my own and taking classes. It is so fulfilling to finally take my vision and make it come to life. There's nothing I enjoy more than taking a rusty piece of scrap metal and turning into something beautiful.

Artist's Statement

Tamera and her outdoor art I have always danced to my own rhythms and have often felt more "unique" than I wanted to be. This was difficult to accept as an adolescent, but I have begun to appreciate, and even celebrate, seeing the world through these eyes.

Through my work I try to play a small part in transitioning this divided and chaotic world toward a planet full of acceptance, love and unity. I actually see the creation of my art as a form of worship. I try to pull inspiration from the Source of our Oneness when I am in the process of creating and try to breathe that energy into each of my pieces. If I can make something that moves someone to feel a small sense of peace, or brings a bit of joy to their heart, then my life as an artist is a life well spent..

Tamera with her Mandala purchased by The Town of Carrboro art committee and installed at Town Hall

My work is currently offered at:

-Joyful Jewel, Pittsboro, NC
-North Carolina Crafts Gallery, Carrboro, NC

My work has been displayed at:

- Baha’I Distribution, online, 2005-2011
- Briar Chapel Exhibit, Pittsboro, NC, 2009
- Carrboro Learning Place and Art Gallery Carrboro, NC, 2003
- Carrboro, NC Town Hall, Carrboro, NC- Purchased for Public Display, 2009
- Cedar Creek Gallery, Cedar Creek, NC- 2003
- Chatham Arts, Pittsboro, NC, 2004-2009
- Chatham Studio Tour, Pittsboro, NC, 2003-2011
- Cuenca Arts, Ecuador, 2012-2013
- Domicile Realty, Chapel Hill, NC, Purchased for Public Display
- Fearrington Potting Shed, Pittsboro, NC, 2003-2008
- General Store Café, Pittsboro, NC, 2003-2010
- Magnolia Marketplace, Raleigh, NC, 2004
- New Horizons Trading Company Exhibit, Pittsboro, NC, 2004
- Pittsboro Animal Hospital, Pittsboro, NC, Purchased for Public Display, 2008
- Private Collections Across US
- Shakori Grass Roots Festival, Chatham County, NC, 2004
- Sidestreet Gallery, Pittsboro, NC, 2005-2007
- SoQue Artworks, 2005-2009
- Through Women’s Eyes by Women’s Hands, Chapel Hill, NC, 2004
- Tor de Moncure, Moncure, NC, 2003
- University of North Carolina , Chapel Hill, NC, Purchased for Public Display, 2009 and 2010
- Womancraft, Chapel Hill, NC, 2005-2011